What’s the different surface of mouse pad?

We usually read speed edition or Control edition of mouse pad from the introduction on websites or other places.

What are these? When a PC mouse moving on a smooth surface of mouse pad, the mouse moving’ speed is fast. We will call the mouse pad is a speed edition. Otherwise, you can control easily mouse moving’ speed (start and stop) on a rough surface, which call the mouse pad is control edition. Different versions of the mat are different from the surface texture of the mouse pad.


I don’t think there are only two editions of mouse pad. There are 4 kinds of mouse pad surfaces at least as below.

1, Speed plus Edition

2, Speed Edition

3, Speed and control (High Efficiency) Edition

4, Control Edition


Speed Plus mouse pad

A mouse can move on a mat very fast, the mat calls speed+ mouse pad. This is like you skate on an ice surface. That requires that the surface of mouse pad is slippery. So the surface texture is very tinny and smooth. For example, cloth mouse pad, which fiber woven is very tight and cloth for grinding, polishing processing. So the surface is super smooth and for speed plus mouse pad.


Speed mouse pad

Which is not faster than the Speed plus edition, but mouse moving speed is fast too. Just like a car running on a new cement road. Which fiber woven is tight, but not for polishing treatment. Now most of mouse pad is using smooth surface, which calls speed mouse pad.

 stitched gaming mouse pad 01

High Efficiency Mouse pad

How to call it a high efficiency mouse pad? I think that a mouse is moving on a surface in any direction, it is subject to friction are the same, there is no difference. If you are a game player, you should notice that the mouse is moving on a cloth mouse pad, the moving friction force in the horizontal and vertical directions is different. The surface is using random texture fiber, or specific texture of plastic or metal mouse pad.

 Artisan mouse pad 01

Control Mouse pad

You may not like speed mouse pad, and want to control mouse moving easily from start to stop. So you should choose a control edition mouse pad, which is made by rough surface. For example, you drive a car on rough road, not like bumps and hollows, which is rougher than the smooth road. You can have a good control of auto start and stop on the rough surface. So the control edition mouse pad is the same principle as Auto driving on a rough road.

rough and smooth surface comparing

When you want to choose a mouse pad, you need to know what surface it is.


We are offer above 4 kinds of cloth mouse pads, if you are a game products company or high-end gift company, we can offer custom professional mouse pads for you.


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