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Rubber material for mouse pads, bar mats and counter mats

We offer rubber materials in rolls and die cut sizes per your specification.  The top fabric colors will be white or specific solid color and the rubber color will be black usually.

If need other solid rubber color, there will have a MOQ to custom rubber color. Below are the rubber material packed in roll.

Rubber material packed in roll

Most of rubber mouse pads, rubber bar mats and rubber counter mats, their main material is natural rubber. In order to print colors text or image, and mouse slides on it easily, we need to add a fabric on the top of rubber.

When start to produce rubber material, firstly we do rubber mixing with calcium carbonate, then compounding fabric on the top rubber in a very long foaming machine.

rubber roll material

At the end of foaming machine, we will pack the rubber material as a roll. We usually sell rubber material as rolls. We have two widths of roll rubber material, 36″ and 48″, but standard material size is 36″.

You don’t need  the rubber material roll. We can cut them in different size and shape. You just need to tell us the rubber material size, shape, we will follow your mat’s specification.

rubber material in different size

What can we do customization of rubber material?

TOP Fabric surface:
1,Any color or printing on it.
2,Different fabric texture is optional, such as microfiber, different needles polyster or mix texture.

Natural rubber material:
1, Color: Black or others
2, Thickness: 1-6mm optional
3, Hardness: adjustable



We have natural rubber product line, our factory can produce rubber material per your needs.

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