One-Stop Custom Service

Over 14 years overseas trading experience in American and European markets, Custom made all mats per your specification. Professional-Premium Products - competitive pricing


We only offer natural rubber playmat for board gaming players. Just tell the size and send your own artwork, we can custom gaming playmat for you.

Popular Playmat sizes:

72″x 48″, 72″x 36″, 60″x 48″, 60″x 36″, 48″x 36″, 36″x 36″ and so on…, if you have different mat size, just contact us now.


  • 1, Any size to meet your requirements
  • 2, Thickness: 1-5mm optional
  • 3, Custom printing any artwork of yours.
  • 4, ECO, natural rubber material
  • 5, Flexible size to cope with the effect of rubber shrinkage on size.


playmat bottom and square corners

cobalt blue and red pattern playmat
Playmat in production workshop and waiting for packing.