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Silicone mouse pads

Here is introducing a top-level silicon gaming mouse pad from Oiart Technology. Which is a hybrid of a hard and a soft mouse mat which fuses superior tracking quality and precision of a hard mat with a comfortable feel and an incredibly smooth glide of a soft mat. It’s a super long life gaming mouse made by silicon with unique texture surface.

It’s a special coating on the surface of silicone mouse pad, which offer mouse moving precision and controlling in the game. The silicon mouse pad is 400x300x1mm, large size mouse pad, 1mm thickness, super thin. Mirror silicone bottom, keep it on a table firmly.



The Feature of silicone mouse pad:



We can print different color on it.

silicon_mouse_pad_01 silicon_mouse_pad_02


Custom silicone mouse pad for your brand from us. We are a professional mouse pad manufacturer since 2003. We have over 10 years manufacturing experience and strong analysis and R&D in gaming mouse pad and mouse pad materials.


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