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Rubber Mouse pads surface introducing

choosing mouse pad surface

Good mouse pad surface offer excellent mouse moving accurately and the friction coefficient is the same when you move the mouse.

Select right surface for your mouse pad, it’s very important.

We offer different mouse pad surface to meet gamers’ requirements. Please see below mouse pad surface introducing:

 Rubber mouse pads’ surface option

rough mouse pad surface for rubber mouse pad
In order to have a better control on mouse moving, Game players may need a rougher surface. When mouse is moving on a rougher surface, it can be stopped easily.
Smooth mouse pad surface for rubber mouse pad
How to slide your mouse in a faster speed? You will need a smooth surface, more smooth surface will help your mouse moving faster.
Game player may drink something in games, drinks may be sprinkled on the mouse pad. A waterproof mouse pad prevents drinks from entering the surface. Easy clean it on water-proof surface. Micro-fiber surface offers soft and comfortable touch.

Rubber mouse pads showing by surface:

Micro-fiber mouse pad can be used as screen cloth to clean your monitor screen.
rough and smooth surface comparing
Rough and smooth surface comparing
Artisan texture surface
Random texture surface offers same friction of mouse moving on all directions. It will be best surface for mouse pads so far.

rough surface mouse pad examples

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