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Aluminum mouse pads

aluminum mouse pad

Oiart Aluminum mouse pad is made by different hardness aluminum board and molding by your specification. It’s a very strong mouse pad, the surface is anodized aluminum. Aluminium surface are anodized to increase corrosion resistance and to allow dyeing (coloring), improved lubrication, or improved adhesion.

Oiart Tech Aluminum mouse pads:

oiart Tech aluminum mouse pad 101

The 101 aluminum mouse pad specs

  • Ultra smooth (anodized aluminum) surface
  • Silicon grip on the back
  • 22.5×28.5 cm surface area
  • 5mm thickness
  • Weight: 500g

Oiart Tech aluminum mouse pad 201

The 201 aluminum mouse pad specs

  • Ultra smooth (anodized aluminum) surface
  • Silicon grip on the back
  • 35.5×28.2 cm surface area
  • 5mm thickness
  • Weight: 770g


custom aluminum mouse pad

What can we do with aluminum mouse pads?

Just tell us the mouse pad size, shape, color, your logo and other requirements. Offer us your design or idea, we will follow your request to confirm the design, samples and production and shipment.

Aluminum mouse pad in circle shape

Custom Aluminum mousepad with any shape per your requirement

Aluminum mousepad shinning polished edge


Custom any size aluminum mouse pad to meet your own drawing.




Different surface finish options from Micro texture to Rough one. But the surface finish class 120 will be popular texture for Aluminum mouse pad surface finish.

Aluminum surface colour

More colors options for Aluminum mouse pad, Just tell the color you want.


Aluminum mouse pads structure guide


We can make the structure of Aluminum mouse pads per your drawing. The usual structures are single side or dual sides Aluminum mouse pad.

Oiart Technology has over 13 years manufacturing experience in Aluminum mouse pads, Plastic mousepads and cloth rubber mouse pads. Please contact us to make mouse pad per your requirements.

Aluminum Mouse pad Gallery

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