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Mouse Pads

We offer Premium mouse pads with several material manufacturing, there will have natural rubber, SBR(styrene-butadiene rubber), EVA, plastic(ABS, PE, PVC and PC), Silicon and Aluminum material mouse pads.

Customization mouse pads include:

  • any size per your specification,
  • logo printing,  CMYK graphic printing, any artworks
  • surface texture & treatment,
  • edge treatment, frame stitching
  • material color option, and mat hardness to meet your specifications.

Mouse pad samples as below:

1, Rubber mouse pad

rubber mouse pad

For rubber mouse pad, we offer different printings( single color or multi color printing) on fabric surface, different size, optional thickness and edge treatment. To make a fresh cloth mouse pad with your brand, which will help your brand promotion or add a new product line into your distribution.

It’s made by natural rubber as main material and functional fabric surface top. It can be cut in different size per client’s specification. And be printed logo, graphic per your design. Learn more…


2, EVA mouse pad
Eva muse pad




3, Plastic gaming mouse pad
Plastic mouse pad is usually for professional gaming users. The big differences of the hard mouse pad are surface option, size and shape of them. We can custom plastic gaming mats per your request with our experience.
Plastic mouse pad

4, Silicon gaming mouse pad

It’s made by silicon with textured fabric on the top for mouse pad moving, which is new and pro gaming mouse pad.

Silicon mouse pad


5, Aluminum mouse pad

Custom metal mouse pad with different style, size and color. Our image showing some product we were producing, please contact us for the recent products.
Aluminum mouse pad in circle shape


We have over 14 years experience of making mouse pads, especially for high quality mouse pads, gaming mouse pads. Our mouse pads includes: Rubber mouse pads, plastic mouse pads, aluminum mouse pads, Silicon mouse pads and Laptop mouse pads.