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When you start to design a mouse pad,  should consider mouse pad shape, mouse pad artwork, mouse pad material and etc..

I, What's a good mouse pad shape or size?

Firstly, mouse pad designer should know who will use the mousepad. If it's for office or general people, the mouse pad size will be not bigger than width 220 mm and long 280 mm. If the mouse pad desinged for laptop users, now they are using 12" or 14" laptop, so you shoud consiger the mouse pad size for which kind of users. If you are going designed for gamers, the mouse pad size should be larger than common mouse pad. You'd better to talk to many gamers to get right size of mouse pad.

II, To have a cool mouse pad artwork

Mouse pad designer need to catch the popular color or image to design the mouse pad. Your product should catch their eyes.

III, Mouse pad materials is very important!

Different mouse pad materials, that will become a different mouse pad, maybe different function, for different users and mouse pad cost will be much different.

IV,We will list three kinds of mouse pads for your designing reference:

fabric mouse pad1, Fabric mouse pad ( Cloth mouse pad)

Which is very common mouse pad in current market, 80-90% people are using.  The mouse pad top is fabric and the bottom is rubber. It's very simple pad. But mouse pad quality has much differnent in the market, The main reason is materials quality different, then the mouse pad quality different.

A, designed for laptop users: Firstly, we will think the mouse pad should be very easy to pick up by users. So the mouse pad should be supper thin thickness. Currently we offer the thickness from 0.25 to 1mm thickness for laptop mouse pad. The mouse pad can stick on laptop cover or put it between screen and keyboard of laptop to protective the screen.

Laptop mouse pad

B, Fabric surfaces: There two kinds of mouse pad surface, 1, smooth fabric surface, Mouse can move it very fast and free. 2, rough fabric surface, moving and stopping with good control.

C, Mouse pad bottom: Most of them are natural rubber, which quality is much important. good quality of natural rubber can be passed by many test, such as ROHS or Reach. So good quality rubber will have stick with the top fabric firmly, Not easy peeling off.

2, Hard plastic mouse pad

Most of them are using by gamers, which is high quality and high cost product. There are two surfaces: Smooth surface and Rough surface.

3, Two or three kinds of material combined mouse pad

which may be a fabric surface with hard base ( metal, plastic arclyic…), or plastic surface with rubber base , etc…combined mouse pad

Above are our suggestion of mouse pad design, hope them can help you!

If you need any mouse pad design help, please feel free to contact us. We would like to share our experience to you.

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