Ergonomic plastic mouse pad with new unique design

Usually plastic mouse pad is made by hard plastic material. Which has sharp edges may hurt or cut your wrist. How to solve this problem? We made a unique plastic mouse pad with adding a soft wrist pad on the plastic mouse pad to protect your wrist from harm. Meanwhile, the wrist pad can also support your wrist and can effectively reduce fatigue when using the mouse. It’s an ergonomic design mouse pad.


Plastic Mouse pad design drawing

unique plastic mouse pad drawing



Plastic Mouse pad photos

new unique plastic mouse pad_01 new unique plastic mouse pad_02


new unique plastic mouse pad_03

Specifications of plastic mat:

1, Mat Surface: Speed or Control textures
2, Mat Bottom: Non-slip base
3, Mat size: any size per your request
4, Mat printing: logo, image or colors printing
5, Mat Shape: any shape per your drawing
6, new design referring to ours.


If you are trying to find a new mouse pad with unique feature to increase your production line in the market or you want to promote your brands in gaming field, please contact us. We are looking for a long-term cooperator to promote both parties in business. We have been producing gaming mouse pads with high-class since 2003.

We will be on the mouse pad for appearance and practical patent. Our authorized customers can use our patent free of charge. Any plagiarism and unauthorized use of our design, who will be prosecuted by Oiart Technology.

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