Offer high quality black mouse pads

Our black color mouse pads, which includes rubber black mouse pads, smooth surface black mouse pads,rough surface black mouse pads, plastic hard black mouse pads, aluminum black mouse pads and so on.

1, Fabric rubber black mouse pad

The most economical is the black cloth rubber mouse pad, and it’s very popular in the market.  You can make them in any printing( artwork),any size, shape, thickness, and you do not need to pay any mold fee, even if it will not have to pay a lot of mold fee.


black surface and bottom mouse padblack mouse padblack mouse pad with stitched side

black mouse pad sideblack mouse pad surfaceblack mouse pad sticker

2, Black wrist mouse pad:
Which is black fabric surface, soft gel wrist pad and the bottom is silicon with pu coating .
gel wrsit black mouse pad
gel wrsit black mouse pad
Per our experience, the computer gamers love the black plastic mousepads, so the black plastic mousepads are for gaming users. Please see below mouse pads we made:
-, Thunder8 Black gaming mouse pad
plastic black mouse pad
Thunder8 black mouse pad
-, X7 black gaming mouse pad
X7-600mp plastic mouse pad
Aluminum black mouse pad
Aluminum black mouse pad
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