About Artisan surface of gaming mouse pad

    Recently we got some inquiries of Artisan surface mouse pad. From the pictures of mats, they are very similar to our current mouse pad texture, we call them HEPA gaming mouse pad, which are between smooth and rough texture, the texture is random pattern and much different from other rubber mouse pads in the market. You can control your mouse moving very easily with low friction on the random texture mat.

Please see below photos of mouse pads with random texture:

Artisan gaming mouse pad surface

Similar to the surface of Artisan mousepads

black random texture mouse pad

The black mouse pad surface looks like Zowie mat. Is the Zowie mat texture is similar to Artisan mouse pad?

When compare their pictures, they are similar with random texture.

different color and texture Artisan surface mouse pads comparing

The HEPA mouse pads have two kinds textures (random texture similar to Artisan mousepad), please see orange mousepads, one is rough, other is smooth.There is a little different with fiber size.

Artisan surface mouse pad rubber base showing

The rubber base of mouse pads, solid , no bubbles.

pure black artisan texture mouse pad craftsmanship of artisan mousepad

Color customize: support produce different color fabric surface.

Customization Content of mousepads:

  • Surface: Unique random texture—Polyester 100%
  • Printing style: logo or image printing
  • Bottom: Natural rubber, SBR
  • Size or thickness: Any size per request, 1-6mm thick
  • Artworks: Your logo or brand content
  • Edge treatment: Knife or Laser cutting, Frame stitch

If you want to custom unique rubber mouse pads to increase production line or promote your brands in gaming market. Just contact us.



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